These Terms and Conditions apply when lettings of holiday accommodation by Acorn Leisure Holidays (“Owner”). The Terms and Conditions form the basis of your contract with the Owner so please them carefully before making a reservation.

1. Definitions

“Booking Confirmation” means the confirmation of booking provided to the accepted;
“Booking Deposit” Means 10% of the Rent;
“Booking form” means the accommodation booking form completed;
“Hirer” Means the person booking holiday accommodation;
“End Date” means the last day of the Rental Period;
“Inventory” Means the inventory of fixtures and effects of the property;
“Owner” means the owner of the Property;
“Property” means the property (and land, if any) identified in the Appointment Form;
“Rent” means the rent specified in the Booking Form;
“Rental Period” means the rental period specified in the Booking Form;
“Security Deposit” means a £100 refundable security deposit
“Site” means the Holiday Park known as Felmoor Holiday Park
“Start Date” means the first day of the rental period

1.1 Any reference in these Terms and Conditions must be in written format such as email, letter or similar means.

1.2 Any reference in these Terms and Conditions to any statute or provision of a statute shall be construed as a reference to that statute or provision as amended, re-enacted or extended at the relevant time.

1.3 The headings in this document are for convenience only and shall not affect its interpretation.

2. Booking and Payment of Booking Deposit

2.1 A booking is made by completing and submitting the booking form and paying the Booking Deposit via Acorn Leisure Holidays Ltd online booking system.

2.2 The Customer must pay the Booking Deposit to the Owner via the online booking system to secure the holiday rental. The owner enlists other agents to market the properties of Acorn Leisure Holidays. Therefore, the booking is provisional until payment of the Booking Deposit has been received. In the unlikely event that another booking has been placed by another agent the deposit will be refunded in full.

3. Balance Payment

3.1 The hirer must pay the balance payment (rent) due to the Owner within 4 weeks of the start date, or if booked within 4 weeks of the start date a full balance payment must be received at the time of booking.

4. Security Deposit

4.1 The hirer must pay the Security Deposit to the Owner no later than on the date on which the balance payment is to be paid.

4.2 The Security Deposit will be held by the Owner and applied against the cost of remedying any damage to the property caused by the hirer.

4.3 The Security Deposit will be returned to the Hirer not more than 5 days after the End Date less any deductions made for the cost of remedying any damage.

4.4 Partial monies of the refundable Security Deposit may be held back if additional cleaning costs are incurred via our cleaning team for rubbish left behind and any items that are broken and not deemed as usual “wear and tear”.

5. Cancellation of Booking

5.1 If the hirer cancels the booking more than 8 weeks before the Start Date they must do so in writing. There will be a £35 administration fee for all cancellations. We will re-advertise the dates cancelled and should the dates be booked, we will refund the full amount minus the administration fee.

5.2 The following scales shows the percentage of your holiday payment that will be retained should the hirer cancel within the 8 weeks prior to the Start Date.

1 week or less – 100%
2 weeks or less – 90%
3 weeks or less – 80%
4 weeks or less – 60%
6 weeks or less – 50%
8 Weeks or less – £35

5.3 Acorn Leisure Holidays Ltd advises that all holidaymakers takes out appropriate insurance against cancellation. COVID cancellations, please refer to Section 6.

5.4 To cancel the holiday, the Hirer must confirm in writing to the email address: stating their booking reference, full name, holiday dates and the reason for cancellation (within reason).

5.5 If the hirer has not paid the Balance Payment (and Security Deposit) by the Date specified in Clause 3.1 the hirer will be deemed to have cancelled the booking under Clause 5.1

6. COVID – 19

6.1 Acorn Leisure Holidays will adhere to all local and national government advice, the latest and most up to date/accurate advice can be found on Gov.UK website.

6.2 Should Acorn Leisure Holidays be forced to close due to a national or local lockdown we will offer the below;
• Alternative dates where possible/subject to availability and priced accordingly (i.e. seasonal price differences may be applied)
• Credit voucher to be used within 1 year of cancelled date
• If credit note or alternative dates is not feasible, Acorn Leisure Holidays will refund the hirer’s total cost of the booking

6.3 COVID 19 is now classed as a known risk, it is strongly advised that all holiday makers ensure they have the appropriate travel insurance in place. We are unable and legally not able to provide recommendations.

6.4 Acorn Leisure Holidays Ltd reserves the right to refer back to the Company’s cancellation policy of it’s Terms and Conditions as referenced under Section 5.2
6.5 Acorn Leisure Holidays are not obligated to refund due to illness, Covid -19, a disinclination for travel, person shielding or self-isolation. The hirer must claim via their own travel insurance policy.

7. Owners obligations during the Rental Period

7.1 The Owner agrees that the hirer may quietly possess and enjoy the property during the Rental Period without any interruption from the Owner or any person claiming under or in trust for the Owner.

7.2 The Owner shall provide adequate bed linen and towels at the Property. All bed linen and towels are hired in by Acorn Leisure and therefore should not be removed or taken. Missing linen may be deducted from the Security Deposit.

7.3 The Owner shall ensure that the Property and its fittings, fixtures and contents are kept in good and safe condition and repaired and replaced as necessary throughout the Agency Period. All the requisite certificates have been obtained to ensure legal compliance with current legislation.

7.4 The Owner shall ensure that the Property is kept in good decorative order throughout the Agency Period.

7.5 The Owner shall ensure that the Property is thoroughly cleaned and adopts the recommended COVID 19 best practices for cleaning self catering accommodation.

7.6 The hirer may use the paths and drives leading to the Property to go to and from it.

7.7 The Owner will provide further Park guidance on access to parks, woodland walks via their welcome arrivals.

7.8 We reserve the right to decline a booking. Force Majeure. We cannot accept liability or responsibility for any alterations, delays, cancellations or any other loss of damage caused by war, civil strife, terrorist action, industrial disputes, fire, sickness, bad weather, livestock, epidemics, acts of any government, or public authority, changes imposed by re-scheduling of airlines, ferries, or any event outside of our control.

8. Hirer’s obligations during the Rental Period

8.1 The hirer shall use the Property in a reasonable and careful manner, not allow it to deteriorate and keep it clean and tidy at all times.

8.2 The hirer shall make good all damage caused to the Property (including Owner’s fixtures and fittings) or to any other property owned by the Owner through;

• Any breach of the obligations set out in these Terms and Conditions;
• Any improper use by or negligence of the hirer or any person at the Property with the hirer’s permission.

8.3 The hirer shall keep the items specified in the inventory clean and in the same condition as at the commencement of the Rental Period (fair wear and tear and damage by insured risks only excepted) and shall make good or replace with articles of the same sort and equal value such as may be lost, broken or destroyed (or at the option of the Owner to pay compensation to the Owner).

8.4 The hirer shall not block or otherwise damage the taps, baths, wash basins, toilets, cisterns or pipes within or exclusively serving the property.

8.5 The hirer shall keep the Property heated to a reasonable level during the winter months to prevent damage to the Property or the water pipes drains tanks and other plumbing apparatus by cold weather.

8.6 The hirer shall report to the Owner any damage, destruction, loss, defect or disrepair affecting the Property as soon as it comes to the attention of the hirer.

8.7 The hirer shall place all refuse in the receptables (bins located near the Crazy Horse Saloon Bar in the car park).

8.8 The hirer shall allow the Owner or the owner of the Site or their respective agents or anyone with their written authority
together with any workmen and necessary appliances to enter the Property at reasonable times of the day to inspect its condition and state of repair and to carry out any necessary repairs provided the Owner has given reasonable notice (with regard to the work to be undertaken) beforehand and the Hirer shall not interfere with or obstruct any such persons.

8.9 The hirer shall in cases of emergency allow the Owner or the Owner of the Site or anyone with the authority to enter the Property at any time and without notice.

8.10 The hirer shall use the Property as a private holiday residence for a maximum of 4-6 people only depending on the size of the property booked in and in agreement with the Owner.

8.11 The hirer shall not do anything on the Property which may be a nuisance to or cause damage or annoyance to the Owner or the tenants or occupiers of any adjoining property.

8.12 The hirer shall not play any musical instrument or other device which can be heard outside the property after 11pm or before 8am.

8.13 The hirer shall not use the hot tub after 11pm.

8.14 The hirer will comply with the Park Rules of keeping all dogs on leashes whilst walking on site, ensure that all dog mess is cleaned up and refrain from parking on the grass.

8.15 Any obligation on the hirer in these Terms and Conditions not to an act or thing includes an obligation not to permit or suffer another person to do such an act or thing.

8.16 Whenever there is more than one person comprising the Owner or the hirer their obligations may be enforced against all of them jointly and against each of them individually.

8.17 The Owner and the Hirer do not intent that the contract between them should be enforceable by any person solely by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

8.18 Under Section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 the hirer is hereby notified that notices (including notices in proceedings) must be served on the Owner by the hirer at the following address:
Mr & Mrs Corn, Valhalla Lodge, Felmoor Holiday Park, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65 9QH

8.19 The hirer is strictly prohibited from using a BBQ or any other flammable item such as a chiminea, fire pit or camping apparatus with any naked flame on the Property.

We reserve the right to make reasonable amendments or additions to these terms and conditions without notice.